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Mechanical engineering


We create something new and useful everyday and design customized solutions based on specific business needs.

Since 2017 we have been doing it with the same passion, enthusiasm and determination as we firmly believe that the most efficient and powerful machine which has ever been conceived is one: the human brain.

Solving specific problems by creating and implementing a reliable and convenient technical solution: this is our goal.

Craftsmanship, technology, calculation and vision are our main qualities. If the human brain was the most efficient machine ever created, ideas would never evolve into planning without the right tools.

We develop out prototypes starting from an idea but without the expert hands of tillers and welders, without a dedicated technological laboratory, prototyping could not come close to the standard we expect of ourselves and are used to offering our customers: perfection.


This is where the magic happens: plastic materials and metals blend together in the shape of an object that did not exist before and which has developed itself for one thing and one function only. And it will have to work as if it was always the first time.

The pride in our work is grounded on a perfectly equipped laboratory where the technicians work together to produce new tools, by combining technique and calculation in order to hear the customer say one thing only: this time you did it.



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